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      Women Woven Bracelet
      Trendy Bangle Bracelet
      Fahsion Men Ring

      About US

      Dongguan Verena Jewelry Smart MFG CO,Ltd

      Established in 2013, Verena is a large-scale professional stainless steel jewelry manufacturer and exporter in DongGuan China.
      We have supply stainless steel jewelry OEM and ODM services for customers from more than 50 countries and district, our experience makes us a real expert on high quality steel jewelry making.
      With our own independent Casting, CNC, Lathe Cutting, Laser Cutting, Polishing, Plating factory, We supply stainless steel jewelry from design to prototypes and mass production one stop solution. All products are designed to meet the international standards and have certificates such us RoHS, Pro 65 and more.

      With OEM and ODM for some world-famous brands, like Guess, Elixa, Viceroy, Faye Jewelry, our products are widely appreciated and recognized in a variety of different markets throughout the world.



      The Team

      2019 12.28

      Our team works very closely together to make VERENA tick - that's because there's only 11 of us! James has his hands in literally every part of the business, while Yasmine works ha


      VERENA subsidiary ASTOFLI coming soon

      2019 11.27

      astofli.com is now available for sale online and will be officially pre-sale on December 9th (referred to US time).

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